Your client journey doesn’t end at the check-out!

Our artificially intelligent robot will cross examine information, suggest actions and analyze your business. Raise your website sales today!

30 days free trial

Retention and data Rentability

An autonomous and self learning solution, through your clients behaviour our robot can capture their focus, communicating in a direct way with campaigns and recommendations.

From their first check-in to regular

No visit will go unnoticed, and with each session, it will gather more information maintaining its sales focus orientation.

Segmenting in auto-pilot

Every data gathered by our robot converts into segments, raising the possibility of a direct sale through smart campaigns.

The right message to the right person

Through WhatsApp, Email or Messenger, your message will reach the right person, at the right moment with a simple click of a button.

The right solution

Our robot knows that nothing is bullet proof, so it learns through trial and error to get to the desired outcome.

Let’s raise your sales together?

The first 30 days are on the house

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