Logrise QR

Logrise QR is a simple solution for reporting electronic device malfunctions using a QR code.

How does it work?

Logrise QR?

Very simple! We map all possible errors of your devices so that whenever there is an error or anomaly a QR code is generated. This code will be read with a smartphone and then a process will be created to rectify / repair it as soon as possible.

A Simple Idea full of


Increasingly we have less time for the small trivialities that may arise in our business, such as the breakdowns of the computing devices that support us in our day to day office. With this in mind we developed Logrise QR.

By scanning the problem a detailed report of the fault will be automatically generated, a request will be created to schedule a visit and consequently the response from your supplier.

We can help with your equipments!

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Are You Tired Of Waiting?

The Waiting Time Is Over!

Who here has spent more than half an hour on the phone listening to the same looped ‘on hold songs’ over and over again ?! In order to know that the technician is not available or that the number you called is not the right department and you will need to call another number now ?!

Who has never done a gigantic email correspondence to simply say that the copier is doing nothing and is flashing two lights that nobody knows what it is ?!

The point is…

Focus on what really matters, your business!

Logrise QR is your business parachute for headaches no one wants to have. It is the modern, fast and effective digital solution delivering simple error and breakdown communication.

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