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What does it mean to “bundle links”?

As its name implies, it is a link that includes multiple links inside, simplifying what could be a monologue with long and confusing links into a single short and understandable link.

For e-commerce, using a tool to bundle links can be super useful, since you can put several products of your catalog on a single and unique link.

Let’s see 5 advantages of sending your products on a single link

1 –Easier to manage

What is easier to share?


Yes, we know that not all links are so confusing, but they have to be long for the sake of SEO! It is the way to position your web as high as possible in the Google search engine (don’t forget that Google ranks the sites through hyperlinks). So the user is faced with a problem: the URL helps to describe the content but at the same time, it becomes super long and not easy to share in e-mails, websites, and especially on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

By using a link tool, it will be easier to manage this problem. You can still personalize the link using the words you chose to understand its content.

2 – Tracking and compiling information

These are complementary services found in the best multi-link tools. This information allows the user to understand where their customers click, what they share, and what they check most often.

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3 – Optimization of your social networks

As sharing this type of link is easier, social networks are the perfect platform for this type of action. Businesses gain more recognition and links gain more strength because they are short and easy to share.

4 – Information for the final customer

In addition to being able to add several products in a single link, you can also create several other URLs with different offers, products, or services. Let’s see an example:

  • You can create a link to specific deals or promotions;
  • You can create another one for the best-selling products;
  • Create another URL for news;
  • You can create a link for full clearance;
  • And the examples could continue.

Basically, you are simplifying your product catalog!

5 – Promote sharing

Let’s think of Twitter as a practical example. In 140 characters it is complicated to write, enchant, and much less sell, especially using a hyperlink that has already used 70 of 140!

What is moreover, mobile phones and tablets are now the kings of navigation when it comes to social networks, so short links are easier to share and give your opinion.

Simplifier: a free tool to bundle multiple links

Any marketing strategy goes through a key factor: conversion!The content itself does not serve if it does not have a purpose. Even now, while you are reading this article, it aims to show the Logrise Simplifier service, which after being written and published will serve as a marketing specialist to monitor your performance and conversion.

So we recommend you to use Simplifier. This tool has many benefits around the custom links. In addition to being free, the user can also:

  • Check the volume of visits
  • Measure
  • Compare products
  • Calculate CTR
  • Share an unlimited number of links and, thus, products
  • Increase views and -last but not least-
  • it is a product in constant evolution

Having said that, let’s go into the more technical spectrum

Branding Strategies and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

For any customer, the offer is what really matters, and this is where your business should focus. The URL is the first impact you will have on the client. The first interaction and magnetism of that URL has to have an effect, as this is a critical element in today’s times.

A link tool to bundle links helps to create empathy and desire, thus providing incredibly valuable data for any business, while also maintaining the SEO structure that took so long to build.

This short link then offers a solution to a problem, gives confidence, and strengthens the brand, reach, and audiences.

This information, used well, can maximise your sales by shortening the costs of marketing campaigns such as CPC.

Depending on the number of clicks, you can revamp your strategy, apply more funds, or start again without losing a large investment, either monetary or time.

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