Email Marketing Tracker

The perfect tool for sending email that will simplify your digital sales catalog

What is Simplifier?

Simplifier is a link bundler that solves the problem of advertising products or services on multiple different links. It simplifies emails and improves user experience by sending a single link to the products they are looking for while monitoring their journey on the web. Simplifier works as a digital shop window in your email campaigns.

Main features

Simplify your sales catalog

Choose several products and show them to your customers through a single and unique link

Improve UX

Discover what customers are looking for and improve their experience. Send exactly what your contacts want to see.

Customize links

Create and adapt the link with the words you choose.

Track the clicks

Have a close look at the customer journey on your website and check the opens, clicks and conversions

Lead tracking

You won't lose sight of your leads.

Save time

Your product information is automatically updated. Simplifier will fill the product details with the most relevant data synchronizing the information with your website.

How does this email marketing tool work?

Product Catalog Syncing

Forget about annoying integrations. Just go online and Simplifier will fill in the characteristics of your products or services for you.

Bundle links

After Simplifier gathers all the necessary information, you can group all the products you would like to send according to the criteria you choose, for example: you can create a link for the month's offers, another for the best-selling products and another for a total sale. You will be simplifying your digital catalog!

Customer Journey

Forget about boring calls asking the customer if they have seen the email you sent or if they opened the links you added. This email marketing tracker will let you know when a recipient has opened the message, where your customers clicked, what they shared and what they see most often.


Turn visitors into customers by sending the products they are looking for. Simplify your email marketing campaigns with more personalized messages, improve the user experience and increase sales!

Simplifier - Multiple links into one

Can you imagine what it would be like to convert leads into customers and increase your sales by 25%?

Email is the marketing strategy that offers the highest success rate. Use our link bundler to win your customers with a unique experience.

Don't leave for tomorrow what you can simplify today

Let’s start right away


With Simplifier, you can create an unlimited number of links in both free and paid versions

Yes, you can enjoy Simplifier throughout the 7 days, with no limits.

After the 7 days free, you will start using the paid version of Simplifier. However, you can cancel the service within 7 days of your subscription, with no additional cost.

You will be able to cancel your subscription within 7 days, without additional costs. After the free period expires, you will have no commitment period. But… we dare you to go!