Multiple links into one

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Simplify your catalog and monitor your leads

Send a single link to your customers

Chose several products, bundle those multiple links and generate a single URL to share.

Improve the user experience and track what your customers are looking for.

Create Custom Links

Avoid sending several e-mails with various products for the customer to see. Gain customers with a unique experience – bundle several product URLs, send one short link only!

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Monitor your Links

Forget about boring calls asking the customer if they have seen the email you sent or if they opened the links you added. Track openings, clicks, conversions and make the user experience easier.

Integrate with your website

Don’t worry about integrations – just go online and Simplifier will automatically fill in the product information with the most relevant data.

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With Simplifier, you can create an unlimited number of links in both free and paid versions

Yes, you can enjoy Simplifier throughout the 7 days, with no limits.

After the 7 days free, you will start using the paid version of Simplifier. However, you can cancel the service within 7 days of your subscription, with no additional cost.

You will be able to cancel your subscription within 7 days, without additional costs. After the free period expires, you will have no commitment period. But… we dare you to go!