Using Telegram for selling products is now possible!

hand holding a mobile phone with the Telegram symbol on the screen

Telegram has become a real fever!

This tool is becoming a real performance optimization machine in the digital world, and if you don’t start using it or getting familiar with it, I wouldn’t say you are losing money, but you are leaving a lot of money idle, which is almost the same thing.

What is Telegram about?

Telegram is an application for exchanging messages, and it is considered one of the main competitors of WhatsApp. It has similar functions such as instant messaging, allows you to send and receive content in text, video, audio and image, etc… It’s just like WhatsApp! But different.

Telegram has no comparison with WhatsApp. It’s like trying to compare the Nokia 3310 and the new iPhone 13: they are both used for texting and making calls, but the iPhone 13 has a lot more tools. Likewise, Telegram has a lot more features, such as:

  • Password protection – Security has always been one of the most emphasized aspects by the Telegram development team. An interesting feature is the possibility to block access to the application with a password.
  • Standalone desktop version – Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has standalone login on the desktop version, and you don’t need to have your phone nearby.
  • The famous stickers – Who doesn’t like stickers?
  • Bots – This gives the possibility to set up automatic messages based on frequently asked questions
  • Telegram channels – Finally, another feature widely used in Telegram are the communication channels. These are chats in which only the admin has the chance of posting. In this way, it is as if all members had access to a large RSS feed in which they receive the posted information.

Didn’t we tell you that there is no comparison?

But continuing in this world of Telegram, you should know there are three features that will help you sell goods.

Telegram for Business: the top 3 features

  1. Broadcast Groups – It is a conversation opened by the owner, in which the participants’ contacts are recorded, but are not visible to other users. Subscribers add people from the contact list and the conversation gets wider. In the group, you can chat with one or more customers at the same time.
  2. Bot – As happens in many websites, when the users enter the page, a chat will open to interact with them. This bot can be configured to answer questions from followers about your product/business, or even to make the sale itself.
  3. Channel – A Telegram channel is a place where the channel owner shares information with users. It is allowed to post product announcements, photos of new clothes, or even weather forecasts, but followers or channel members cannot leave comments.

What are the 3 reasons to start selling on Telegram?

O Telegram é uma plataforma de desenvolvimento ativo para proprietários de empresas. Deves começar a vender no Telegram por três motivos.

  1. Carregamento rápido de informações. Ao contrário dos sites que “flutuam” nas versões móveis, um bot ou canal no Telegram tem uma alta velocidade de download e faz o possível para que um potencial comprador encontre facilmente as informações do seu interesse e encomende os produtos.
  2. A mais recente tecnologia. O aplicativo é atualizado regularmente, novas funções são introduzidas, o que o torna ainda mais conveniente para os utilizadores.
  3. Por fim, em terceiro lugar, Telegram Ads. Numa plataforma que está na febre do momento nada consegue te ajudar a chegar a mais potenciais clientes que um anúnciozito 😛

Vendas através do Telegram – é rentável. No Telegram, podes criar stickers de marca no estilo da tua empresa. Os seguidores podem deixar posts e canais interessantes nos favoritos. Em outras palavras, o aplicativo é multifuncional: aqui o utilizador pode baixar uma foto interessante, comprar uma coisa, abrir um link e segui-lo.

Com uma ampla gama de produtos, a criação de um bot no Telegram é especialmente importante, pois ainda existem poucos concorrentes. Para criar uma loja no Telegram, não precisas ter conhecimentos especiais de programação. O processo de registo é bastante simples e requer apenas cuidado e criatividade.

Se precisares escrever um script, criar uma loja ou criar um anúncio sempre podes entrar em contacto connosco 😀