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Business Case Modas SN

What started as simple clothes sales to friends grew, started as a passion and blossomed as a business. Today, Susana Nunes has a physical store in Soure (Modas SN) and another one, SN Kids. These achievements were not enough to stop this great businesswoman who soon realized that if she wanted more, she would have to turn to the internet!

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Sell more? 5 Tips That May Help You

Nowadays, there are several choices between products and services similar to each other, so yours has to stand out from the competition. Using the right words, you might make or break the deal with a potential client. Some tips follow…

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Retention is synonymous with friendship

We tend to forget about those who started our business, those who bet on us from the beginning , those who invested resources in our modest company, we are of course talking about our first customers, the usual, the loyal, the friends!

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