Vender mais? 5 Dicas que o poderão ajudar

8 de Janeiro de 2020

Those who say they do not want to sell more, then they are liars!

If you own your own business, you may be always looking for more sales, more customers, more profit. The terror of any business is the lack of sales, and we think that in addition to hard work and some luck if you apply these 5 tips you will feel the heaviest pockets at the end of the month.

1. Keywords: use the right words to describe your product/service

Nowadays, there are several choices between products and services similar to each other, so yours has to stand out from the competition. Using the right words, you might make or break the deal with a potential client. Some tips follow:

  • Use the right words for the right customer. If you know that you are talking to a client who already has experience in your business, show your knowledge and deepen the topic.
  • Show that you are better. Through reports and real cases from other clients, you can make a difference in closing a business.
  • Question, question, question, and answer. Realize the problem before giving an opinion.

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2. Segment your audience

You can sell a little bit of everything, but your audience may not be interested in certain products you sell. Know what you sell and who you sell to. With the help of a digital marketing company, you can get to understand who is looking for you and what you want to buy, then creating focused and segmented campaigns, to avoid the least waste of your budget and bring maximum profit. Learn how to segment audiences here.

3. Visual Help

Talking to customers is very beautiful, describing a product is very beautiful, having the knowledge to answer questions is very beautiful, but do you know what is more beautiful? Visual support!

If a salesperson is equipped to mesmerize a customer, the sale will be the smoothest ever. Let’s imagine two scenarios:

Imagine that you have a potential customer in front of you and you open your folder and start taking out flyer after flyer, magazine after magazine, and when you realize your potential customer has a real file in hand and you will start to feel uncomfortable.
Now imagine that you open your folder, take out a tablet, and have a digital catalog showing your stock, have the help of filters to meet the immediate needs of this customer, and could close the sale right now.
Needless to say, Option 2 would be the right one to choose for a quiet and easy selling type. Never forget that even though your product is the best in the world, you’ll always need ways to help you close deals easily.

4. Fairs and events

This tip should not even be on this list as it is completely mandatory for any business to attend trade shows and events. Why?

  • Brand Strengthening – Everyone who has been to a trade show or event will notice your presence, this brand recognition is worth the effort to attend time after time.
  • Increase contact network – An opportunity to have direct access to suppliers and potential business and investment partners.
  • The competition – To be competitive you have to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, and there is no better place than at fairs or events.
  • New Product Launches – You will find that feedback is instantaneous and interaction with your audience ensures that there are improvements to the product or how to communicate.

After these fairs or events, gather all the contacts and make an email marketing campaign, who knows, maybe new business and/or sales opportunities may arise.

5. Ratings and Comments

Your best sellers are your customers. In 2014, BrightLocal conducted a study that found that 90% of consumers trust online reviews and always look for that type of feedback. In that same report, 85% of consumers read at least 10 reviews before trusting a product or website.

Star ratings, comments, or thumbs up / down are factors that, while not preponderant in a consumer’s final decision, point them to a final YES or NO path.

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Marketing Automation to increase sales

In this list, there could be one or two more points, but for now, we’ll leave it like this as fulcral to your business and as central to increasing sales. The culmination of all these points will surely help you in not only selling but in displaying your brand and work!

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