PPC Advertising

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Create PPC campaigns that actually work. Get simple reports. See quick results with this campaign optimization software.

Campaign optimization
Amplifier will integrate the data collected from different platforms, optimizing your ads’ performance.
Audience Targeting
Get to know your customers better.  Amplifier classifies your customers according to their habits, analyzing their profiles for accurate segmentation.
Customer retention
Based on Data Marketing, Amplifier collects data to form insights in order to understand your customers’ habits, increase conversion rates and improve your ROI.  
This automation software will optimize the performance of digital campaigns, monitoring the prices, budget and relationships with users, showing which path or strategy to follow.   
Depending on the users’ behavior, Amplifier will help you figure out which messages match potential customers.
Get alerts
If a campaign uses up your entire budget and is not giving any positive results, Amplifier will warn you.
Successful campaigns 15 minutes
How much have you invested in unsuccessful campaigns? Don’t you understand anything about Digital Marketing? It’s hard to analyze data, isn’t it? Well, not anymore.
Automate, optimize and monitor your digital campaigns

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