Is email marketing no longer a thing? 5 reasons to bet on email marketing to gain customer loyalty

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That’s right, you read very well: 5 reasons to bet on email marketing to build customer loyalty because if you thought email marketing was dead, you’re wrong. It’s alive and well, and you’ll understand the reason. But first…

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an essential Digital Marketing strategy for any professional company that wants a close relationship with its customers, and of course, to increase its sales.

As the name implies, it is based on e-mail communication, where e-mail marketing platforms are used to mass send the information we want to share in a much more optimized way, and to get results in real-time.

These platforms also have some templates that we can use to give a more appealing/original look to our email and to make it easier to read and interpret.

5 reasons to bet on email marketing

  1. The service goes beyond the purchase/consultation: with e-mail marketing, we can send automatic messages of pre and post-consumption guidelines, and thus we can ensure that we are always in contact with the customer.
  2. Great cost-benefit ratio: unlike many other marketing strategies, email marketing has a lower cost. The only cost is the platform chosen (the price depends on the number of contacts you have) and if you have a partnership with a marketing company. In addition, retaining customers is much cheaper than attracting new customers, so investing in loyalty can be much more beneficial than focusing all your energies on ads, for example.
  3. Personalized communication with customers: the great advantage of email marketing is that we can personalize the email and its content and communicate with the right customer at the right time. For example, imagine we have a product aimed at a female audience. We could create an email marketing campaign with this product and send it only to a female audience.
  4. Your content becomes a reference for your customers: nowadays, information sharing is massive. The truth is that we cannot believe everything that is on the internet. To gain customers’ trust, we must send them trustful information about those topics we are good at, and that can help them in their life or business. This will help them to trust you and your services more.
  5. The relationship with the customer becomes stronger and long-lasting: it is not easy for us to find time to talk to all our customers. The good news is that by using email marketing, communication becomes automatic, but it does not lose humanization and quality.

How to start your email marketing strategy​

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, follow these steps:

  • Think about the type of emails you want to send, for example, content, satisfaction surveys, “happy birthday”, remarketing, etc…;
  • Create a plan, choose the dates. For example, take advantage of commemorative dates to send emails;
  • Choose an email marketing tool, so you can have optimized, fast and simple processes. For example, Simplifier allows you to group several products in a single link and send emails to your customers. This tool will let you know when a recipient has opened the message and which links they clicked. Thus, you improve the experience of the potential customer and monitor what he is looking for. This tool is free.
  • Send relevant and useful content to your customer. Write in a humanized, short, and objective way.
  • Be consistent. Regardless of the strategy, try to be consistent, and don’t put email marketing aside.

Monitor the results

Follow all these steps and over time you will see the results increase, growing your customers’ loyalty. Don’t forget that you must keep track of the metrics of your emails so you can know what catches their attention the most in order to improve your results even more.