How Data Marketing can help tourism companies

First of all, it is important to understand that when working with data, empirical numbers are used to arrive at the most assertive answer.

Since we started, we have explained to our customers how important retention is – from a Marketing point of view, “customer retention” is the process of involving existing customers to continue to buy the products or services of your business. It is different from acquiring or generating leads because the business has already converted the customer at least once.

So, with this in mind, we share with you how data marketing can help you retain your customers.

6 steps to attract customers through Data Marketing

Tourism is one of the most affected areas and it is recovering with confidence. However, Logrise presents a plan so that you can attract more customers to your business in 6 steps.

  1. Customers who have already visited the space – preferably get in touch with customers who have left a good review
  2. Map customers who have already passed with some socio-demographic data
  3. Check what type of customer is on the website to convert (even if there are only a few) and target that group.
  4. Cross the customers who have already passed with the customers who are converting. If there are currently no customers to convert, go to the nearest conversion time and map them.
  5. Attract customers from the identified segments: create email marketing campaigns with promotions; build digital marketing campaigns with low investment but extra segmented because although clicks are more expensive they will have more value; then, scale that strategy
  6. To Replicate, to Measure,  to Adapt – should be the motto. The segments will continue to change, so it is important to adapt.

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Data analysis can improve the tourism industry

The tourism sector and tourism companies can benefit from data in several ways. Identify marketing campaigns, the offer of packages adapted to the likely interests of visitors, and the decision to bet on countries where the focus will be on winning customers.

These ideas can be of great help in the decision-making process and improve the functioning of the tourism industry. Participants in the tourism sector can now make informed decisions based on analysis and data, thus guided by numbers. They can identify segments of potential customers at all stages of the planning process. They can also increase the efficiency and quality of services. Data marketing can even be used to foreseen which new products will work and in what market.

For tourists, data marketing technologies used efficiently can be translated into personalized and better offers, adapted to their interests and needs. Data marketing can be used, not only as a predictive tool to predict future trends but also in real-time to anticipate and respond to tourists’ needs almost immediately.

This is not the future. These are real things that can be Implemented now!

Data Marketing Automation

The points we leave here are some of the possible strategies to implement with our marketing automation software Amplifier.

Amplifier is an easy-to-use tool for any business based on artificial intelligence that allows you to map the customers that are currently on the site, identify the best products for them and communicate directly to your customers.

What we can expect from the future is that cities and tourism agents will increasingly use data marketing to their advantage. It will revolutionize what cities offer visitors and residents. With initiatives around the world, smart travel is the way of the future for tourism.