Digital Marketing

Blue Laundry

A laundry in the western Algarve, where the owner had a high investment to launch the store.

This is a peculiar case, where we embraced the challenge of doing digital marketing with a 10€ ceiling per month for Facebook Ads and Google Ads (you can read everything by following the link – spoiler alert: ended up selling the laundry for 75% more of the investment

Customer Objectives

The Challenge

Service already existing in the area, in question, a store that has been in existence for several years and is already a locally established brand with a fixed customer base. We are talking about a city where the population is around 5000 inhabitants but which is highly seasonal and with tourism playing in its favor.

Strategy and Solution

Creation of a low cost website (landing page) in English and Portuguese with all the necessary information, partnership with the brand that equips the store and investment in digital marketing, with Google Ads and Facebook Ads being the main pieces in attracting customers.

However, the client’s social networks were also developed, with a more active presence, with quick communication and with the aim of creating a community.

The strategy outlined then went through these phases:

Facebook Ads (12 Months)

Phase 1 – Ads for the local population

Phase 2 – Advertisements during peak tourist season for the caravaners segment

Phase 3 – Resumption of Phase 1

Google Ads (9 Months)

Phase 1 – Branding Campaign

Phase 2 – Service Campaign

This strategy was designed for the period of 12 months in Facebook Ads and 9 months for Google Ads, with small weekly adjustments depending on their performance, as well as the implementation of A / B tests for performance analysis.

“...only € 10 monthly for Google Ads and FB Ads...”

The business was sold for more 75% of the initial investment

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