About us

Because growing up is natural

Like any other company, Logrise starts with an idea between two friends.

Nelson Maló and Ricardo Viegas roll up their sleeves and go from idea to action. After several mutations and metamorphoses the Amplifier, Digital Marketing, Websites and Simplifier are born, because when they explore the maret around them, they find that each customer is looking for different solutions even though some of them are facing the same problem.
To respond to the flow of customers, Leonel Fernandes is called to help with the programming, João Matias is responsible for the design and Marcelo M. Martins is in charge of Digital Marketing.

The 5 of them had already met professionally and already knew each other, making the process quite easy and agile in the response and creativity to the demands of the market.
The dream becomes reality in the Algarve, where Logrise adapts the concept of FaaS.
Using the experience of long years of working in different areas to offer innovative products and services where what matters is the customers sales!

Logrise Family


Our solutions are specialized in all digital channels, whether in Digital Marketing, Web Development, E-Commerce. The experience of our team allows us to advertise your company from the regional to a global level (making anyone jealous). The best part? The prices. Low, very low.

The challenges have been many and so far the satisfaction rate remains at 100%.

In case of doubt, consult our business cases below!

Ricardo Viegas

Co-Founder, CEO

Nelson Maló

Co-Founder, CTO

Marcelo Martins

Digital Marketing Specialist

João Matias

"the design department"

Núria Fabi

SEO Specialist

Miguel Gonçalves

Business Developer

Filipe Encarnação

Junior Developer

Ana Guia

Customer Success

Margarida Vieira

Junior Lead Generation Marketing

Melanie Almeida

Junior Business Developer

Sónia Fistilla

International Business Developer

Franscico Rosa

Front-end Developer

We are not an outsourcing, but a new business partner!

A new concept

Feature as a service

It’s like buying a cookie instead of the package, the service works, satisfies your immediate need and knows that if you get hungry you can come back and buy another cookie or the whole package.


It was in this concept that we built all the products and services we have, complementing each other or working as a “stand alone”.