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Logrise provides an increase in sales of your business through Artificial Intelligence.

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The headache of any business

Fed up with spending money on campaigns and not seeing the expected results?

Tired of having to manually optimize your campaigns and they didn’t go as you expected?

You don’t understand how to do digital marketing and how you can use this tool to benefit your business?

The Solution

A new way to grow

It’s time to change the answers to those questions with Amplifier.

Let us be your right hand and allow our robot the freedom to find more sales and more business that you are looking for.

Why Logrise?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Small or Medium business, the focus of our Amplifier remains, because at the end of the day it all comes down to sales.

+ 1 K
managed by the Robot
+ 1 K
+ 1 K


Reduction up to

in acquisition cost!


A new way to grow

Social Media​​

Whether in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, Amplifier will always find the best route for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

The more it gets used, the more it learns until there are no more secrets to unlock


You don't need to be a Jedi master of coding or a Marketing Guru, Amplifier is designed to be used by everyone and for all businesses.


Increases the likelihood of selling through smart targeting.


One click is enough to improve what you have. Our robot realizes that something is going on and will look for new winning solutions.

Target Audience

We separated the wheat from the chaff, making it quicker to start selling more.

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