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Through artificial intelligence, Logrise App learns the habits of its consumers, shaping and evolving communication with your customers and suppliers by automating the process of buying and selling services.

Be on top


Through our software you will have your own business area to manage your products, which ensures a login on our platform, a general view of Analytics (metrics of your business) letting you focus on more B2B business. Your customers will also have access to a “customer area” thus facilitating the buying and selling process and communication in a closed and focused channel to maximize their time and revenue.

This product type will automatically compile reports, exposing areas. where you can make the most of it through simplistic and empirical analysis.

Artificial intelligence

The robot

With a little computer procedure, our robot will be inserted into your system and learn what types of products it sells, to whom you sell, who views, who gives up, basically what are the consumers’ habits and preferences. Through the collected data your campaigns will be tailored made to the right customer at the right time.

This way the system will increase customer attraction by offering what your customer is looking for.

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Too Complicated?

Let's simplify

The Logrise App can function as a closed channel (ie without a website and without prices for general viewing) between you and your suppliers / customers with a customer area where you collect information and boost sales through our robot using specific campaigns for specific audiences. This is all in real time, in an automated way, reporting on what is working and what is selling!

The future ... now!

We always aim to improve our service, so we look to the future, understand what is needed and how we can improve our service.

We are preparing a cross-over of information to define where your users are coming from (Facebook, Google, Direct, Referral…) so we can focus on bestselling products or request a performance review on certain products that have a rate of high abandonment.

This ambition is to show results in real time, thus shortening the action time between decision and implementation!

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